Samyang Fire Noodles Cheese


Don’t underestimate this cheese flavored creamy Fire ramen, you will feel the same BURNING sensation as the Original Fire Chicken Buldak Ramen, but with a great taste of CHEESE! Plus a little bit of saltiness. It’s truly yummy yummy YUMMY!!!!!



Brand : Samyang
Capacity : 140g

– Strong spicy
: SHU are Scoville Heat Units, a way to rate the degree
of spiciness. This noodles is about 4,404 SHU
: The spicy red pepper (Chengyang) in South Korea is
4,000 ~ 10,000 SHU
– Extra Attached : sesame and roasted nori powder.

How to make noodles

1. Boil 600 mL (about 3 cups) of water.
2. Add noodles.
3. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
4. Pour out water. (leave 8 tablespoons of water)
5. Add soup base and vegetable mix
6. Cook for 30 seconds on low heat.
7. Eat.

Additional information




1 Piece, Pack of 5 Pieces


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