NutraRich Philippines Davao Fine Tablea

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Three months after NutriRich Philippines Davao Fine Tablea started as a chocolate maker, the budding cacao player has already started to innovate from the traditional tablea. The company, at present, is leading the way in making fine tablea, where the traditional product is already refined with 100 percent unsweetened chocolate. It has no sugar, just pure cocoa. The fine tablea are made from Davao cacao beans and bulk for chocolates.

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NutraRich Davao Fine Tablea is our proud innovation to the traditional Philippine hot chocolate (famously known as tablea). Made to be as fine as quality chocolate, you are sure to enjoy a drink that leaves no more coarse granules and no longer needs the use of a batidor in preparation. This is made from 100% pure Davao cacao with no filters added and absolutely preservative free.

1. Bring to boil 180 ml of water.
2. Add 1-2 pcs NutraRich Davao Fine Tablea.
3. Stir for 3 min. until desired thickness is achieved.
4. Add sugar to taste. Davao Fie Tablea is also good with milk, oatmeal, champorado, and baking.

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