Sevilla’s Sweets Pastillas De Leche

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It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that Filipinos are fond of sweet food. Truth be told, our love for the sugary even extends to dishes that aren’t even conventionally sweet.In a more traditional sense, however, this predilection means that almost every province, if not all, has a sweet specialty. Pampanga, for instance, has the delicious cashew nut-encrusted marzipan. Bacolod, down in the Visayas, boasts the flat piaya and the napoleones, a custard-filled puff pastry. My personal favorite is a delicacy found in many versions all over the country but, in my esteem, is perfected in Bulacan: the pastillas de leche. If I were to describe these treats, I'd call them “little clouds of happiness.” I don't need to go out just to buy it thanks to Buynoypi!

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1 review for Sevilla’s Sweets Pastillas De Leche

  1. Sheila Camagong

    Taste good

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