Shamrock Otap

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Whether you are a Filipino or a tourist visiting Cebu, people who eat shamrock otap for the first time will love its flaky and sweet taste that will make them want to eat more of the native delicacy. Since shamrock otap is considered a fragile food because it breaks easily, it is advisable to eat it while holding your other palm or a plate under your mouth so you could catch the bits of pieces of the shamrock otap falling from your mouth as you eat the pastry.

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Otap is an oval-shaped puff pastry cookie from the Philippines, especially common in Cebu where it originated.  It is the Filipino equivalent to the French Palmier cookies, but compared to the French cookies, are not so much heart-shaped and more tightly layered and thinner, making it more crisp. In order to achieve the texture of the pastry, it must undergo a eleven-stage baking process.

  • Flour
  • Shortening
  • Coconut
  • Sugar


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200 grams




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