Sweet Dried Mangoes

How Dried Mangoes different in other desserts? 

Colloquially dubbed as such, dried mangoes are bits and pieces of ripe mangoes that were dried out under the sun.  Their chewy texture and sweet taste make dried mangoes so addictive that you will crave for more. Made from the best Cebu-grown mangoes, dried mangoes are excellent for snacks and desserts.

Very convenient, that made Cebu City more popular because of distributing the finest dried mangoes around the globe. Not just Cebu City, Japan and Italy are also selling well. The food that made a mark in Southeast Asia.The largest Philippine-based dried mango producer is the Pro food International Corporation

Dried fruit is widely viewed as a healthy snack. While it is a better alternative to sugary candy and other junk food, dried fruit should still be consumed in moderation because it contains much higher amounts of sugar and calories than regular fruit. In addition, removing the water from fruit makes it much less filling, so it is easier to overeat. Tropical dried fruit like pineapple and mango are especially of concern because tropical fruit typically contains more sugar than other types of fruit like apples and berries. When eating dried fruit, measure out a serving size and avoid eating directly from the bag, which increases the risk of overeating.

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