The Best Longganisa

Longganisa is a Spanish sausage similar to a chorizo and also closely associated with the Portuguese linguiƧa. Its defining characteristics are interpreted differently from region to region. It is popular in the cuisines of several regions of Spain, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and the Philippines.


Longganisa refers to sausages flavoured with indigenous spices, with each region or province having its own variation. Among others, Lucban is known for its garlic-laden longanizas; Guagua for its salty, almost sour, variety. Longganisang hamonado, by contrast, is known for its distinctively sweet taste.

Unlike Spanish chorizo, Filipino longganisa can also be made of chicken, beef, or even tuna. Commercial varieties are made into links, but homemade sausages may be simple patties.

Below are other variants of longganisa in the Philippines (along with the province where it comes from):
– Vigan Longganisa(Ilocos Sur)
– Alaminos Longganisa (Pangasinan)
– Tuguegarao Longganisa/Longganisang Ybanag(Cagayan Valley)
– Cabanatuan Longganisa (Nueva Ecija)
– Lucban Longganisa {Quezon)
– Longganisa de Cebu/Chorizo de Cebu (Cebu)
– Calumpit Longganisa/ Longganisang Bawang (Bulacan)
– Bacolod Longganisa/Chorizo (Negros Occidental)
– Pampanga Longganisa (Pampanga)
– Longganisa de Guinobatan (Albay)
– Pinuneg (Cordillera Administrative Region)

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